About us

Connect2sport aims to connect migrant and refugee youth to the power of sport. It provides practical tools and resources to guide the development of effective, sustainable sport programmes for diverse young people. The resources are informed by collective learning and collaborative partnership between sport and local community organisations.

Why Connect2sport?

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Community Engagement

Community Engagement is a critical step of any sport and diversity programming. Here are our tips for getting it right.

Connecting with diverse communities

Find out how to identify key connection points within diverse communities and build a range of relationships across this audience. See bio

Building trust with diverse communities

Learn how to develop strong, credible relationships with diverse commmunities that are built on mutual trust and understanding. See bio

Collaborating with Diverse communities

Understand why it is so important to involve diverse communities in both the development and delivery of sport programmes. See bio


Our resources provide practical guidance on the development of effective, sustainable sport programmes for diverse young people.

Connecting with Diversity Toolkit

Diverse communities experience complex barriers to sport arising from religious requirements, language differences, cultural values, family values or expectations and feeling welcomed or accepted. The Connecting with Diversity Toolkit helps sport organisations and facility providers better identify and understand to these unique barriers.      

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Guide to Designing Programmes

This web-based Guide outlines key ingredients needed to design quality sport programmes for diverse young people. The Guide is targeted towards anyone looking to develop or improve sport programmes for diverse young people. Feedback and input from diverse communities, sport organisations and facility managers helped create this Guide.

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Guide to Engaging Parents of Diverse Young People

Parents are often the gate-keepers to sport participation within diverse communities. This web-based Guide provides sport organisations with practical tips and tools to better engage parents of diverse young people. One of these tools is our Parents Guide to Sport which outlines the benefits of sport and ways to get your child involved.

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Tips for Community Capacity Building

Do you want to guide a diverse community to plan and own their own sport programme? This is a great resource to direct them to with tips on planning a programme, accessing funding, identifying key connection points within the sport and community sector and ways to encourage community involvement.

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Tips for measuring programme impact

Measuring impact is a critical step in any sport and diversity programming. We know measuring impact can sometimes seem complicated so here we provide some practical guidance, including the development of effective programme registration forms as well as easy ways to collect participant feedback.

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Connect2sport Partner Case studies

Over the last 3 years, Connect2sport programme partners have worked alongside the Auckland community to build and deliver a range of sporting opportunities for diverse young people. Learn more about our successful Ladies Only programme, our innovative Futsal leauges and how Badminton is changing in schools.  

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Connect2sport Videos

Explore videos and TV documentaries of Connect2sport programmes. Listen to what diverse young people have to say about sport and why it’s so important to them to get involved. Discover why it can sometimes be so hard for diverse young people to participate in sport and learn how simple changes can make a huge difference.

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External links

  Learn more about where to access demographic data to get to know your community. Discover some of the key media channels available for targeted ethnic communications. Identify key organisations connected with your target community and read about some more amazing sport and diversity resources.  

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What diverse young people say

  • Thoraya Abdul-Rassol

    “I am a kiwi. So I should be able to go out and play sports without people assuming that just because I wear a headscarf it holds me back. A piece of material isn’t going to do that.”

    Thoraya Abdul-Rassol

    Law student and football extraordinaire
  • Yonas Gebrimichael

    “You come here because you want to meet people. You come here because you want to play. You come here because you have visions that you want to do more than football. You want to use football as a tool to get more life.”

    Yonas Gebrimichael

    Connect2sport Diversity Officer
  • Teddy Tilahun

    “I love football. I love it so much that I will play in any club, anywhere at any time.”

    Teddy Tilahun

    Football fanatic who dreams of turning pro