Connect2sport pricing structure

Connect2sport recognised early on that cost is a real barrier for some community members. Connect2sport therefore developed programme pricing structures in consultation with the community. Learn more about the Connect2sort pricing structure.




Ladies Only badminton and Futsal leagues

Accessing sport can be difficult for diverse young women and this is often reflected in their lower participation rates. Connect2sport’s Ladies-Only badminton and Futsal programme aims to address these challenges. Learn more about the Ladies Only programme.

Boys Futsal at Roskill

Diverse young men involved in Connect2sport's football programmes sometimes felt that the level of commitment expected in the club structure was a barrier to their participation. While they were prepared to offer some level of commitment, they prefered to keep things flexible. Learn more about how Connect2sport's Futsal league.


Badminton at MRGS

Diverse young people involved in Connect2sport badminton programmes at Mt Roskill Grammar School showed a desire to play in a more structured environment. However they felt they couldn't due to barriers such as cost, limited time and difficulty committing to playing on certain days/times. Learn more about how Auckland Badminton response.