What is it?

Diverse communities face many complex barriers to participating in sport. These barriers arise from religious requirements, language differences, cultural values, family values or expectations and feeling welcomed or accepted. The Connecting with Diversity Toolkit identifies these barriers and provides responses and support to help organisations better understand and reduce these barriers.

Why was it developed?

Awareness of these barriers, and ways in which to overcome them, will enable sports organisations to connect more diverse communities to the power of sport.

Who is the Toolkit for?

The Toolkit is targeted at all sport organisations and facility providers. The guidance in the toolkit is relevant to all and not sport specific.

Who developed it?

The Connecting with Diversity Toolkit was developed in partnership by Auckland CouncilSport New Zealand and Sport Auckland. Feedback and input from sport organisations and facility managers also helped create the Toolkit.

How was it developed?

In June 2009, Auckland Council with assistance from Sport New Zealand commenced a pilot project to engage with and provide sport opportunities for migrant and refugee youth in Mt Roskill. Findings from this project identified a number of unique barriers affecting diverse communities participation in sport. These findings form the basis of the Toolkit and led to the establishment of the Connect2sport project and completion of the web-based Guide to Designing Programmes for Diverse Young People.

Want a copy?

Download a copy of the Toolkit. Or if you’d prefer a hard copy email us.