Untitled-1Volunteers are the backbone of New Zealand sport and recreation. They keep it running.

Your programme will no doubt rely on volunteers too. Here are some ways you can encourage your community to contribute:

Become a Coach

Coaches play a key role in New Zealand’s sporting community. Coaching is a great way to express your passion for sport and to enrich the lives of your community.
Find out more about how to become a coach.

Help run a sport

Draw on your community’s expertise to help make your programme a success.
How can your community help with:

  • Team management?
  • Administration?
  • Promotion?
  • Refereeing?
  • Fundraising?
  • Governance?

Find out more about how your community can help run a sport.

Provide incentives to volunteers

It always helps to provide an incentive to volunteer. You will find the number of volunteers will often increase if you offer incentives such as work experience opportunities, receipt of recognised qualifications, and references for CVs.

Consider offering consistent attendees of your programme an incentive to take on more responsibility – for example, reduce the cost of their fees and/or provide free training or equipment.

Read more tips on engaging the right type of volunteers.

Make it easy for those that do volunteer

Have systems and process in place help guide the community to administer/deliver programmes – therefore building their capability to develop/deliver future programmes without support. For example, develop process sheets and registration templates for delivery.