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The Office of Ethnic Communities – Ethnicity Data

Demographic Overview – includes population projections, age and gender breakdown and regional distribution

Economic Wellbeing – income and employment statistics as well as housing and education.

Health – General health data, mortality rates, heart disease, diabetes and mental health.

Social Wellbeing – content includes participation rates in civic society, discrimination rates and victimisation figures.


Ministry of Education – School Enrollment Data

A great way to get to know your surrounding community’s ethnic make-up is to look at enrollment data for your local schools. The Ministry of Education carries out statistical collections (roll returns) from New Zealand schools at different times during the year. The data provides detailed information on age and ethnicity for trend analysis.


Department of Labour – Demographic Data on Migrant and Refugee Youth in New Zealand

This report provides an analysis of Immigration approval data (1998-2007) and Census data (1996, 2001 and 2006) and covers a range of characteristics and key outcomes including immigration approval trends, demographic data, ethnic identity, English language ability, labour force and study participation, location in New Zealand, and living arrangements. The report highlights areas where youth born overseas differ from those born in New Zealand and identifies trends over three censuses. View Demographic Data on Migrant and Refugee Youth in New Zealand .


Ministry of Youth Development – A Statistical Profile of Young New Zealanders

The site provides key demographic information at the national level – who young people are, where they live, who they live with, and what they are doing. Detailed information about youth wellbeing over more than fifty indicators in nine core domains is also presented, including the themes covered by the 1in4 report (as well as many others). View the Ministry of Youth Development’s Statistical Profile of Young New Zealanders.