About this guide

Designing Programmes

What is it?

This web-based Guide outlines key ingredients needed to design quality sport programmes for diverse young people.

The key ingredients to design quality sport programmes should be used alongside our tips for connecting, building trust and collaborating with Diverse Communities.

Why was it developed?

With many diverse young people not yet connecting with sport, sport organisations also have to adapt their offerings to better meet the needs of this community. This resource gives sport organisations ideas on how best to do this.

Who is the Guide for?

This Guide is targeted towards anyone looking to develop or improve sport programmes for diverse young people. It is therefore relevant to National Sport Organisations, Regional Sport Organisations, clubs, schools, recreation centres and other sporting facilities looking to better engage diverse young people.

Who developed it?

This Guide represents a 3 year collaborative partnership between Sport New Zealand, Auckland Council, Sport Auckland, Auckland Football Federation, Auckland Badminton Association, diverse communities, and local delivery partners.

How was it developed?

Over the last 3 years, Connect2sport programme partners have worked alongside the Auckland community to build and deliver a range of sporting opportunities for diverse young people. Feedback and input from diverse communities, sport organisations and facility managers have helped create this Guide.

Want a copy?

While this is a web-based Guide, you can also download a summary fact sheet of this web-based resource.


Key ingredients

Consider getting these things right when designing sport programmes for diverse communities.