Identifying key connection points within the sport and community sector will help you develop your sport programme more effectively. These relationships will provide a strong foundation for all programme development.

Here are some connection points that you may want to contact in the sport sector:

Regional Sport Trusts

Regional Sport Trusts (RSTs) are organisations set up to grow community sport and provide services and support to sport organisations. They can help guide you with:

  • Funding
  • Event management including provision of equipment and collateral
  • Media and Publicity
  • Access to Schools
  • Information and Data
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Education and Mentoring

Find your local Regional Sport Trust.

Local Councils

Local government promotes the well-being of local communities.

Your local Council can help you with:

  • Provision or coordination of facilities
  • Coordinating and maintaining relationships with community networks
  • Support with community development or sport development in the community
  • Collation of key demographic information

Find your local Council’s contact details.

Sport New Zealand

Sport New Zealand the guardian of New Zealand’s sporting system, from grassroots through to elite sport. They can help you with:

  • National policy for sport and recreation
  • Access to information and research in relation to sport and recreation

Community Support Organisations

If you want to connect with some community based support then these Community Support organisations may be of some help.