Diverse young people prefer to play at a location that is easy to access and is a space they feel familiar, safe and comfortable with.


Diverse young people like to play at a time that fits in around their competing commitments.

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Getting time & place right - Ladies Only Badminton and Football @ Lynfielt Recreation & Youth Centre

Diverse young people prefer to play at a time and venue that suits them – it needs to be local and easy to access, it also needs to be a space they feel familiar and comfortable with. This is perhaps not surprising given we know from Connecting with Diversity Toolkit that transport is a key barrier to diverse young people’s participation in sport.


Tips for setting the Right Time & Place

  • Take the sport to the community rather than expecting the community to come to sport. Diverse young people want to play in their environment – it’s where they feel most comfortable.
  • Deliver at a location is easy to access. Think about how diverse young people will get there. Does it have lots of well-lit car parking? Is it close to transport links?
  • Deliver at a location and time of day that feels safe for diverse young people. Participants (and their parents) want to feel safe coming to and from the programme.
  • Choose a space that young people can call their own – a place where they feel they can fit in or a ‘home away from home’.  Making participants feel comfortable and secure is paramount so make sure your environment is welcoming, fun and relaxing.
  • Choose a time that fits around diverse young people’s busy schedules. Will it fit in with study/family/religious commitments?
  • Get staff and members of your venue on board. Make they understand the goals of your project and are aware of any relevant cultural requirements.
  • Try and raise awareness of your membership base to understand the unique needs of diverse communities.
  • Schedule programmes times for the year in order to secure venue bookings and allocate sufficient staff. This also makes it easier when communicating programmes to participants.


Case Study: Ladies Only Futsal and Badminton

Accessing sport can be difficult for diverse young women and this is often reflected in the lower participation rates for young women from ethnically diverse backgrounds. Connect2sport’s Ladies-Only badminton and Futsal programme aims to address these challenges. Learn more about the Ladies Only programme.